Each client is different. The structure of the session will ultimately depend on the needs of the client. Each session will last approximately one hour, during which time neurotherapeutic protocols (such as pEMF) will be administered, as well as traditional neurofeedback.

Each session typically involves multiple modalities, customized to work with the clients. The modalities are diverse, but usually all within the fields of neurofeedback, neurotherapy and biofeedback.

Each session will typically last between 60 – 90 minutes. Because the timing of each session varies, I ask clients to plan on 90 minutes approximately.

In the course of a session, often I will sit with the client for the first 20-30 minutes of training, when their attention on the therapeutic regimen is not necessary. Then, neurofeedback training begins. Neurofeedback will usually involve using individual electrodes (leads) or a cap on the head. The “cap” is a mesh cap with electrodes sewn in, which will pick up the raw EEG. We use a salt-impregnated paste to create a salt bridge between the electrodes and the scalp of the client in order to pick up the EEG.

At the end of the session, your hair will be a little messy with paste in it. I ask clients to expect to leave the office with a little paste in their hair. This is fairly common, but something that most hair types can get away with.

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